Traiveon & Candi


Started April 2016 ~ What started as a personal project to record an original song, Pink Panther, quickly formed into a 3 year bond between 8 Minnesota based artist with monsterous talent. Hoping to carry our timeless, sweet sounds as far as the taste takes us

The Poetic Diaspora


Started April 2015 ~ Formed in the heart of the Twin Cities, the collective is crafting honest narratives that reflect their communities. Journeying through the diverse realms of old school and new school hip hop, R&B, funk, and soul. Each song is an ancestral echo, welcoming all of the diaspora home.



Started February 2016 ~ Born in the halls of Augsburg College, a seven piece Indie Soul band. Influences ranging from alternative rock, soul, hip hop, and jazz. A grooving rhythm section and a hard hitting horn line backing up the soulful lyrical melodies of one of the best  singers you'll ever hear. Seven expert  musicians from diverse walks of life creating a musical force that has to be heard to be believed.

Black Velvet Punks


Joe Davis and The Poetice Diaspora

Recap of Joe Davis, and his band The Poetic Diaspora’s endeavors over the past few years. Go to “Take a deeper look“ to check out his website.